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Who and what is Emerald Green Feeds?

The Emerald Green Feeds brand was established in 2012. It was the brainchild of family members David, Peter, Mark, and Howard whose family have farmed at Bardney Dairies since 1910 and started producing forage-based products in 1945. With over 75 years’ worth of knowledge and experience in growing and drying grass, the family decided to diversify from the usual supply chain they were part of and branch out into creating their own brand. Emerald Green Feeds was born and with a few local stockists and customers the plan to create a name for Emerald Green Feeds in every stable, yard, and tack shop began. Almost a decade later the range of products has tripled, and the brand is now available through wholesalers, retailers, and online.

Emerald Green Feeds is quite unique in the equine feed industry, we are one of the only companies that are able to boast we carry out the whole process ourselves. We are the farmers that grow the crops as well, we make the feeds, package them, and distribute them. There are not many businesses in our industry who do this, we think this makes us go the extra mile to produce the best possible quality product we can.

The grass and alfalfa used in the Emerald Green Feeds products is 100% natural, there are no pesticides or sprays used on the crops as they are growing, and nothing is added to them in the process of making the feeds. From the moment the seed is drilled the management of the crops is carried out by the team at Emerald Green Feeds. This means we are able to guarantee the crops are harvested at a similar growth stage each time to produce a consistent end product, obviously the weather is beyond our control, so this is the only variant we have but all-natural products have a certain element of variation.

The best thing about managing the full production of the feeds is that it makes them totally traceable, we print the name of each field as well as the date and time of production on every bag. We even have a QR code on there for customers to scan and see a little video of each field during the harvesting process. This probably makes it more traceable than the food that goes on our plates.

As a family-run business, we are very proud of the feed that we produce, we work hard to ensure the quality is consistent and that our customers are happy. Since starting Emerald Green Feeds we have started supporting a number of riders over several different disciplines. We are constantly approached for sponsorship money for events and individuals, this isn’t something we do on a regular basis. We prefer to let our feeds speak for themselves and the one thing we insist upon when starting to work with new brand ambassadors is that they are already using our feeds. A few years ago, we were approached by carriage driver, Libby Priest, from the Isle of Man who had started to use our feeds with her horses and was loving the results, she wanted to feed a natural diet and had researched Emerald Green Feeds online before taking the plunge and moving her beloved friends onto a new feed. Libby and her beautiful pair of boys compete regularly and always have a bag of Emerald Green Feeds Grass Pellets with them wherever they travel.

Brand Ambassador Libby Priest says “We have been using Emerald Green Feeds for 5 years and we love it!”

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