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We don't just sell the feed, we grow it!

In 1910 Albert Poucher set up A Poucher and Sons when he bought the farm at Bardney Dairies which was a mixed livestock and arable farm. In 1945 the business had expanded into green crop drying, purchasing and installing three small driers for the production of grass meal. By 1966 demand had increased such that there was a need for a higher output drying system and so a much larger drier was installed which remains in operation to this day. It was also 1966 when the plant began producing pellets, as the years passed by there was a shift in which product sold in the largest quantity from meal to pellets.

Presented with a marketing opportunity in 2012 the partners at A Poucher and Sons, Albert Poucher's great grandsons, had a rethink as to how the feeds that were produced were branded and sold. Positive feedback from existing equine customers at that time helped in making the decision to create A Poucher and Sons’ own brand of feed, with a focus predominantly on the equine market. And so Emerald Green Feeds was born. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength and Emerald Green Feeds can now be found in retailers throughout the U.K.

A Poucher and Sons is a still a traditional family run farm, the family members take enormous pride in the feeds that are produced. The team producing Emerald Green Feeds are in the unique situation of actually growing the crops which are used to make the feeds, giving full control of the whole production process and most importantly making our feeds fully traceable right down to the field from where the crop is grown.

Torn Border


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