Torn Border

Thank You from Tilly

“Thank you Emerald Green Feeds, myself and Tilly are over the moon winning this amazing competition!

Tilly was born in the Beamish Museum and when she was broken she came here to us at Pockerley Riding School where she has helped us to teach many children and adults to ride. She’s now coming up 24 years old and is a firm favourite within the riding school and with us. This year Tilly, unfortunately, had a pretty serious bout of colic and was really poorly, we thought we might lose her. But with some fantastic help from the vets and some careful monitoring, we were able to start giving her small feeds and we chose your grass pellets, these were great for her. We soaked them so it was like soup and she loved them. I’m happy to say she has made a full recovery and she now has a bowl of soupy grass pellets on an evening as a treat.”


Steph Lycett, February Competition Winner

Torn Border


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