Torn Border


I have a 14hh 21 year old pony who I foster for a national charity, because of poor dental care in his youth he has no back teeth left, he can eat short grass but not hay/haylage etc. Last winter he lost a huge amount of weight, I tried all kinds of mixes, straights (inc. Barley rings, oats, linseed etc) and nothing even slowed the weight loss, I even tried chopping up hay to see if he could eat that but no.

I agreed with the charity that if this winter he struggled as much I’d have him put to sleep. My dentist suggested soaked grass nuts and yours have literally saved his life. He has come out of this winter almost a bit tubby and at a cost equivalent to about 80 bales of good hay!

I am truly grateful, he’s a lovely pony and it’s great to know he can go on now and I’m happy I can get him through the winters with your help!

Torn Border


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