Torn Border

Shiela Brookes

Juniper is Welsh Section B mare that we purchased in 1988 as a yearling. She was known as ‘the little white tornado’ in our driving club in Kent, due to her speed and accuracy through a cones course! Always fit and well and ‘boss mare’ even when turned out with our two larger ponies. She tells them firmly that she knew their Mother, remembers them being born and they must mind their manners.

She developed Cushing’s disease about five years ago, it was a mild form and easily controlled. However, last year in that dreadful summer she began to lose her appitite and her condition fell off her. Little grass and no good hay didn’t help. Her teeth were checked twice, blood tests done, drug dose adjusted, all to no avail. She was going downhill rapidly and we all began to lose hope for her, she just wouldn’t eat. Her eyes were dull. her head was down, the other ponies were daring to be in front of her at the gate.

In February some good friends brought over a quarter sack of Emerald Green Feeds, soak them for her, they suggested, just try them. She loved them! Since that day she has had three small feeds of soaked pellets daily and the weight is going back on. Her head is up, the eyes are bright, she whinnies across the yard to us and has reminded the others that she IS ‘boss mare’.

I dont know why they worked, clearly there was something very appetising to her. I do know that the results were very positive, very quickly and we are all delighted.

Torn Border


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