Torn Border


Luna is an 11 year old Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorse. I got her in February 2012 and have fed her Emerald Green Feeds grass nuts from day one. They don’t send her crazy or off her head, she is putting on and keeping on her weight through the winter but without the extra fizz. She’s always eager for feed times and stands in her stable waiting whenever we turn up to the yard. Her coat condition has improved so much, I can take her rug off on a miserable winters day expecting a greasy flat furred horse, but I see a shiny coated fluffy healthy horse.

Jeremy is a 12 year old DalesX cob, we’ve had him a year & half and he has only ever eaten grass nuts with us. He has kept a healthy weight and has lots of life in him. He isn’t hyper or fizzy but has energy and a bounce in his step. He is a Bransby Pony and they are always happy with his weight and temperament when they come to check, we put this down to the grass nuts we are feeding him. It’s nice that he can have just a scoop of these a day with a little sugar beet and look as amazing as he does. With a shiny, soft, silky coat he looks great even on a dull winter day.

Torn Border


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