Torn Border

Judith Evans and Kate Jones Dressage

Our yards are split – my daughters yard houses her dressage horses, along with a few liveries and my yard houses my retired Arab broodmares, plus Kate’s dressage broodmares and their offspring.

For a number of years, we have always based our feeding regime on a forage diet but during 2017 my daughter’s mare Daphne threw up some allergic problems in the form of ulcerated hives etc. After testing we found she was allergic to all sorts – alfalfa, barley, linseed, wheat, ryegrass, meadow fescue etc etc. Everything was removed from a) her diet and b) her bedding etc.

The hunt was on for a feed without anything that would set the allergies off again. So, a hunt around lots of different feed suppliers – the majority tried to push their processed concoctions as they were sure this was the way forward. As a breeder with decades of experience I knew that food allergies were the problem and I kept researching until I came across Emerald Green Grass Pellets – which were fully traceable to a field without meadow fescue/ryegrass and no fillers etc – now would she eat them!!!

Samples were tried and she ate them – in fact she loved them!!! Daphne is 18hh and at that time was looking like a racing ferret, so along with her grass pellets she has a special linseed free balancer and conditioner added made up by Horseward Ltd - the transformation is amazing and ‘touch wood’ no reoccurrences of the blistering hives!! This year Daphne has a filly foal at foot, so foal, we thought, would bring down her condition – no we just upped her Emerald Green Nuts and foal is growing level (no rapid growth spurts) and both looking extremely well.

We have been so pleased with Daphne’s results that all the horses have been moved onto this clean, minimally processed diet with Emerald Green Grass pellets as the basis. It’s apparent when you have your horses on a clean diet how you can see subtle differences very quickly, and how peaceful and relaxed your yard becomes.

Torn Border


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