Torn Border


I have had a new horse this year and wanted to see what feeds were on the market, this is when I came across Emerald Green Feeds. My horse is a 16.2hh thoroughbred gelding, he is an ex racehorse so feeding was a concern I wanted to give him everything he needed for muscle growth, general health and enough energy for him to undertake his workload, While being careful not to fizz him up. I called Emerald Green Feeds and had a long chat with them regarding this, they were very helpful and sent me a free sample of the grass nuts.

The grass nuts smell delicious and my horse loves them. I started by introducing them as treats and I now feed them twice a day alongside hay. He is a horse that will bolt food down but he is unable to do this with the grass nuts so he really has to chew them down which helps him to digest them properly.

He has been on the grass nuts for a few months now but very soon after starting on them, his coat went from dull and scurfy to glossy and scurf free and his muscle mass and top line wasn’t great due to being out of work for sometime but he looks amazing now.

The most important thing for me is it’s such a natural food, they have added nothing to it at all, it’s always guaranteed quality. This is doubly important as hay is much harder to get hold of at the moment and the quality is not as good due to the weather. The grass nuts are of a consistent quality and in my view great value for money, in fact it’s the most cost effective food I have ever used. When you see the food you will see what I mean, it speaks for itself. It’s simple good quality and can be delivered to your door so a win win all round.

I’ve also started a 30 year old retired pony on this just for the winter months to help keep his condition consistent, again it has helped with his coat and he looks great on it. It also helps as a boredom breaker as they tend to graze on it in the stable. It can be fed to any horse of any age with any workload without a problem.

To find out more information on the food please contact Emerald Green Feeds on 01526 398236 – free samples are available on request.


Torn Border


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