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Meet Sophie our Brand Ambassador

Hello, my name is Sophie Spiteri, and I am lucky enough to have been a brand ambassador for Emerald Green Feeds for almost 4 years now.

As a racehorse retrainer, I can have anywhere between 2 and 7 horses in at any one time for retraining. Sometimes I have a yard full of horses and other days I may only have one or two. It really depends entirely on the season and what horses need retraining.

When I'm not riding racehorses or working as a marketing manager for Mencap, I can generally be found in the sea training for my channel swim which is booked for June 2022.  I swim most days and enjoy cycling and running to keep fit when I’m low on horses!

I love taking the horses I retrain to shows and my favourite show of the year is Aintree National RoR Championships. To see so many former racehorses in one place, all doing their new jobs with so much confidence is just incredible.

My favourite Emerald Green Feeds product is the grass pellets. I have very limited grazing here in Wales and being able to feed a mash of beautiful fresh grass to the RoRs keeps everyone happy! Dennis (my 35-year-old miniature Shetland) also absolutely loves them!

Here’s a little bit about me away from the yard. As a child, I always wanted to be a marine biologist, I had no idea what it meant but I thought it sounded very cool. Mmmm….my favourite ice cream has to be Morello cherry. Every. Single. Time. The last book I read was Unity of Consciousness and Existence by Ivan Antic and my dream holiday would a deserted island, somewhere very hot with ad-lib cocktails.

During Covid-19 and a disappointing summer of cancelled events, I took up cold water swimming and have since signed up to swim the English Channel in June 2022!! If anyone would like to donate, my fundraising link is below.

Torn Border


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