Torn Border

Lockdown on the Farm

Well this is a very different spring to the one we were expecting, thankfully for the time being the rain has cleared up and we are now having some beautiful sunny days. The land is drying up and the grass is starting to grow so there is plenty of work to be done now, this comes at a time though when we are told by the government that only essential travel can take place and that finally agriculture is classed as a key profession.
As we are providing feed for animals, we are able to continue working but this means lots of changes for us on the farm, we want to reassure you that we are still sending out orders but our restrictions for lorry drivers and delivery drivers have become much more regimented. We have put signs up to ask reps not to come in the yard and notices have appeared on all doors and communal areas reminding people to wash their hands.
You would think that it is easy to social distance on a farm, but even here it is hard. Rest assured though we are taking every precaution possible when making up and sending out your orders.
As you are all aware this is a family business so now that the schools have closed the next generation are at home, thankfully we have plenty of fields for them to exercise in and get that much needed fresh air.
Disappointingly for everyone involved all of the shows and events we usually attend have been cancelled so the plans we had in place will have to change in accordance with that. Is it finally time to get those jobs done we’ve all been putting off? One thing we can say is during this difficult time for all is that we promise to do our best to carry on farming to keep your animals fed.

Torn Border


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