Torn Border

Flossie & Freddie Make Great Leaps

In the last few months we have made some big leaps forward with Freddie, which I thought would be nice to write about.
I have been to lots of pony club training and little local competition on my new pony Freddie. We have recently been trying different bits and nose bands as Freddie is slightly stronger than Ricky and to be safe I need to be in complete control.
He is really lovely, but I have found that sometimes he misunderstands because my aids are not clear enough. We are now getting used to each other and I think he is getting used to my arm.
We went to Blankney Pony Club mini One Day Event and won the 60cm class, although it was small, it really boosted my confidence.
Freddie and I had a successful weekend starting with Dengie dressage were we came 3rd in the grassroots test ( our warm up) and 5th in the Dengie debut missing out on qualifying by 1 😫. Nevertheless we went into the day just wanting to do a few "nice double clears". However I went against the orders of mum and pushed him on inbetween resulting in a 5th place in the 80cm missing out on qualifying by 1 AGAIN 😤😤. That just added to the fire so yet again I flew round the 90cm and placed third qualifying for Dengie😁. No rest though I have plans to be back at the dressage malarkey soon when Freddie may have got over his phobia of white boards. Though I haven't run this by mum yet🤫🤫

Torn Border


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