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Flossie England – Brand Ambassador

Hi, I’m Flossie England and I have been a Brand Ambassador for Emerald Green Feeds since 2016. When it comes to four-legged friends, at our yard we have four, two of them are still being ridden and two of them are retired.

When I’m not down at the yard or riding horses, I can generally be found doing schoolwork! It’s a tough life but someone must do it!

I have to say I think my favourite event is Bowlesworth, I’ve jumped there a few times and the show has something special about it, is always has a nice feel to it, it has a really lovely atmosphere. Having said all of that I also really enjoy jumping at Bramham, it’s always fun in front of a big crowd.

I guess technically by law I’m still classed as a child so as I am still young it’s hard to say what I wanted to do when I was younger, but I have always found medicine very interesting although I haven’t quite made my mind up what I want to do.

My favourite Emerald Green Feeds product is by far the grass pellets because it forms the base for all our feed, all of the horses get some and they love it.

When I’m not at school there isn’t much more time for anything other than horses, they take up all my time really! If on the rare occasion I do ever get any spare time, I sometimes go to a place in town that does the best eton mess ice cream, I love it! Other than for school I don’t read much fiction so the last book I read was Effectiveness & Efficiency: Random Reflections on Health Services. I found it really interesting. Being a horsey family, we don’t really go on holiday, but I did once go to Meribel skiing and I really enjoyed that.

During the lockdown as well as lots of opportunities to ride around the farm and of course do my homeschooling I actually took up running, but I’m afraid once my exams started that was the end of that.

Torn Border


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