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Bread and Butter Feed

I think it’s safe to say the Emerald Green Feeds Grass Pellets are our bread and butter, they are the most popular product in the range, a staple for every feed room.

There’s nothing complicated about the Emerald Green Feeds Grass Pellets, there’s no fancy marketing gimmick or huge secret, they are simply grass. The grass used in our Grass Pellets is all grown on our family farm, in the heart of rural Lincolnshire. We have been growing grass for animal feed on our farm for 5 generations, so we have a little bit of experience under our belts. Even with over 100 years of expertise, we are still meticulous about the procedures and practices we put in place when it comes to harvesting the grass to make our Grass Pellets. These procedures are in place for all our feeds actually, not just the Grass Pellets.

We grow fescue grass that is then foraged for our Grass Pellets, this is a leafy type of grass that we mow at a similar stage of growth each cut ensuring that our feeds are as consistent as any natural product can be.

The motto we use is, feed, as nature intended and I guess you could take the meaning of that several ways, but we like to reinforce the meaning as being our feed is totally natural, we add nothing, we take nature and preserve it in a bag. Nature intended for the equine species to eat forage and our feeds reflect that evolution.

Forage should make up approximately 60% of your horse’s diet and our grass pellets are the perfect feed for this, they are totally traceable, 100% natural they are basically fresh grass preserved for your convenience. What more could you ask for?


Torn Border


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