Torn Border

Sarah Charnley

My name is Sarah Charnley and I am proud to be a Brand Ambassador for Emerald Green Feeds. I can safely say that  I am an eventing nut and proudly so, being involved in all aspects of the sport, from a huge variety of volunteering roles which include being a trained controller, grooming at numerous events including 4 star, plus riding at BE100. In my youth, I have ridden up to intermediate level, but age and work now gets in the way!! I have a very talented 7 yr KWPN mare called Enjoy II or Etie at home, who I have owned for 18 months. During this time she has exceeded all expectations, by qualifying and competing in the National Riding Club Championships, qualified and competed at the Mitsubishi Cup (formally the The Grassroots Championships) at Badminton this year. She has already gained 3 regional final places to try and get to Badminton again in 2017. Recently we have moved up a level and gained 3rd place in our first outing. Everything is work in progress as things have not been an easy ride!!!

When not involved in eventing, I have to work to gain the funds to do the sport I love by being a full time Building Control Surveyor, which is a great job and I really enjoy being involved in the building industry. Most of my leave from work is taken up travelling to events during the season to either groom or officiate. I have made some great friends and find the whole eventing world very friendly and helpful.

When at Badminton I had several people comment on how well Etie looked and the shine on her coat. All I did was point to the feed bags that I had and tell them about Emerald Green Feeds. Her energy levels and her condition remain consistent, since she has been on the grass pellets and Alfalfa-mazing chop.

Torn Border


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