Torn Border

Rosalind Canter

I am a 32 year old event rider based in Lincolnshire on our family farm. I grew up riding with my 2 sisters on the farm and taking part in all pony club activities. However, right from the start I liked eventing best! We had great fun as children cantering around the stubble fields, jumping anything we could find. I started affiliated eventing on my first horse Silver Curtis, who took me right through to my first advanced. We had some great highs but also some quite challenging moments which helped me to become level headed when it comes to competing

After university and some travelling I started work for Judy Bradwell. She was instrumental in turning me in to a professional rider and I had 4 great years with her. I have now been based at home for five years and the yard and number of horses has gradually increased over time! We currently have about 15 horses in work, at varying stages of their eventing career. The stars of the yard are Allstar B, who took me to my first Burghley last year and Zenshera who has taken me to three nations cups representing Great Britain. We also have great fun producing the babies, and this year the first batch of horses I broke in have reached 7, and have upgraded to Intermediate and the four year olds are gaining their first insight in to competitions in the young event horse classes.

Every day is a different one here at Hallington but we certainly have plenty of long ones. Fortunately I have an amazing team of people behind me who are well just amazing! Ruth, my groom, Sarah who travel to competitions with us and Mum and Dad who never seem to stop, all keep me sane and make our days fun.

Torn Border


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