Torn Border

Flossie England

Hi my name is Flossie England, I'm from Horncastle in Lincolnshire.  I am a junior para show jumper.  At the moment I am the youngest classified para show jumper in the country, as I am only 13. I am a grade III for show jumping, which means I have to jump courses of 80cms and may compete against riders up to the age of 16.

Due to a traumatic birth, I was born with a partial paralysis of my right arm known as Erb’s Palsy, which affects my shoulder, arm and hand. So far I have had two operations. The first, when I was three months old, involved grafting nerves from my legs to try and repair the severed nerves in my neck. The second, when I was 7, was a tendon transfer to give me more movement in my wrist. My right arm will always be shorter and weaker than my left. When I ride in the winter I have to wear two pairs of gloves and if I don't my hand can get very cold and seize up - which does not help me with control (sometimes I can struggle with that anyway!). Luckily I have two great ponies that are sensitive, so if need be I can stop them with one hand which helps a lot and I use looped reins designed and made for me by a local saddler.

Torn Border


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