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Brand Ambassador Sarah Charnley

Hi All

My name is Sarah Charnley and I have proudly been part of the Emerald Green Feeds family since 2015/16. The support the team has given me has been unbelievable and I cannot thank them enough.

I am an eventing nut and have enjoyed the sport for many years. Currently, I have my special 16hh mare called Etie, posh name Enjoy II, with whom I event to Novice level. When not competing, you’ll find me grooming for World Champion Ros Canter at all major events including going to World Championship, European Championships, and this year the Olympics. I also volunteer at events when time allows, in between working full time as Building Control Surveyor, grooming, playing sport, and looking after partner Geoff Watkins! (to be fair he looks after everything while I’m off with Ros!).

Sport has always been a big part of my life and I still try to play hockey and since the Olympics, I now play table tennis! Why? Well, we had a lot of downtime in Tokyo due to hot weather in the middle of the day, so we played table tennis. Ros is a very good sports person so played and we played many other top equestrian stars while there – Carl Hester and Holly Smith to name 2!

I have been to some amazing venues with Ros and from a grooming point of view, I adore Burghley Horse Trials, as this is our home event being in Lincolnshire and I have been going to since I was 4 years old to watch. The event to ride at, of course, was Badminton Grass Roots, but Norton Disney is well up there, such a friendly event where I ride and volunteer. They really know how to look after you!

My father pushed me to get a proper job and not to do horses as a career. I guess looking back he was right as in my day there was no career path in equestrian sports, so either you were a groom or a rider if you had loads of money. Now I’m getting the best of all worlds, I’ve just done it the other way round!

To relax there is always time for a soak in the bath with a good book, any Wilbur Smith book would be my cup of tea, but I last read a book about the mind called The Black Box, it was a bit deep for me, but great for a competitive person and learning from mistakes and not being afraid of failure.

Most of my leave is taken up going to events with Ros and I have been to some fabulous events and venues. If dreams could come true a fabulous skiing holiday or going diving in the Galápagos Islands would be amazing. I will be celebrating being 60 years young next year and I hope to go on a riding safari and do a cage dive to see a great white shark!

During the pandemic things were obviously quiet on the competing side of things, however, work still went on behind the scenes at Ros’s yard without me being able to visit, but when things were relaxed then we trained hard ready for eventing to start again. It was strange not to have anyone there at events to start with and with so many big events being cancelled it was difficult to get qualifications. The professional riders needed to get going to start earning a living, so I personally held back from entering as I do my eventing as a hobby. Work wise I was able to continue to work full time all be it working from home, and I have no intention of going back into the office. I can do my job far better from home and get to sites much quicker.

All of the Emerald Green Feeds range are brilliant products, well produced with the best care and everything carried out on site so not issues of contamination, which is very important when at international events and the possibility of being tested. The grass pellets are a fab source of protein, whilst the alfalfa-mazing gives substance to the feed and puts a shine in the coat. My Etie adores the feed and always takes a huge mouth full! She is fed all year round and as it is a grass product it is completely natural for horses, giving her the energy to compete and the goodness to keep in condition during winter.

Torn Border


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