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We don't just sell the feed, we grow it!

Emerald Green Feeds Grass and Alfalfa Products have many benefits attributed to them…

  • Completely additive free
    Emerald Green Feeds grass and alfalfa products contain NO other ingredients apart from grass and alfalfa respectively.
  • The most natural source of feed for your Horse in pellet and chop form!
    Horses have evolved over millions of years to live on a forage based diet.
  • Fully traceable
    As the grower and producer of Emerald Green Feeds we have full control of the whole process. We can even tell you which field the grass or alfalfa came from, what day and time the bag or bale was packaged.
  • Low in starch
    Both grass and alfalfa are naturally low in starch and high in fibre, giving a slow, controlled release of digestible energy.
  • Highly palatable
    The unique process used to dry the grass and alfalfa means that they retain the original flavour and smell – irresistible (if you’re a horse!).
  • Suitable for all year round use
    Not just a winter forage feed, your horse could benefit from using Emerald Green Feeds all year round.
  • Contains many naturally occurring vitamins and minerals
    From vitamin A to Zinc, its all in there!
  • Adaptable feeding guidelines
    Our feeding guide gives a wide scope for tailoring the amount you can feed to your horse, meaning you can make changes to accommodate differences in levels of work and/or grazing quantity/quality.
  • Excellent veteran feed
    As the pellets break down quickly and easily it makes them a perfect feed for maintaining the health and condition of older horses that can struggle to graze.
  • Pellets can be used in feed balls
    Fantastic nutritional boredom breaker for those long winter nights.
  • Cereal free
    No other ingredients are used in our grass and alfalfa feeds, especially not cereals!

Torn Border


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