Torn Border

110% Traceable

Emerald Green Feeds as a brand, is unique in so many ways, one of them being the fact that all the products in the range are 100 % traceable in fact we're so confident we'd say 110%.

As a family business, the daily running and processes are closely overseen allowing us to keep detailed records of the harvesting, including exactly how many trailer loads are harvested from each field, whether it is from the headlands or the center of the field, and exactly what the moisture content was when it arrives at the drying plant. We are even able to tell you what the weather conditions were on that day as we keep a detailed note daily.

There are very few companies in any industry that can boast that they handle the whole process of a product. At Emerald Green Feeds we are the farmers that grow the crops, we harvest them, dry them, chop them, and pellet them. We also do all our own packaging on-site, so the feeds never leave our sight until they are safely on their way to the customers.

The feeds are packaged straight after the drying process meaning our traceability is second to none, all our bags are printed with the field name, and the time and date of production as they go through the machine. This process ensures the whole range of Emerald Green Feeds products are 110% traceable.

We are so proud our feed's traceability you can even scan the QR code on the bag and see the field that your feed has been harvested from. You can trust us to produce the best quality feed for your horse.

We don’t just sell the feed, we grow it!

Torn Border


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