Torn Border

Kath Kay

My names Kath Kay I'm a free lance instructor and I run a livery yard at Norton Disney , I used to event but just show jump now I have 6 horses , 3 that I compete - Samson who is home bred , candy who I've had since a 4 year old and toots who is homebred too , they are all on Emerald Green Feeds grass pellets and Grass-tastic chop and they look great on it, the feeds work brilliant for candy as she is cereal intolerant and they have helped to build toots up as he is a big gangly 4 year old warm blood.

I train the Blankney Pony Club show jumping sessions as well as private clients so doing that and running the livery yard keeps me busy. I'm looking forward to continuing to compete with my guys at the county shows, the feeds speak for themselves when it comes to the performance of my horses.

Torn Border


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