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Andrea Verdina


Olympic event Rider and European medalist

Andrea started his eventing career in Italy, he took part in two Junior European Championships and three Young Riders ones, representing Italy.

He then moved to the UK and again he represent his Country in two Senior European Championships getting placed and winning a bronze medal.

He has also participated at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 finishing 15th individually.

Andrea is currently concentrating in Show jumping, coaching and producing young Eventers and jumping horses, as well as running one of the most established Sport Horses Agency in the Uk, Verdina Sport Horses. (

“ We have been feeding Emerald Green Feeds for quite some time now, to all the horses in the yard, from youngsters to GP horses.

This is ALL we feed! No cereals at all!!  At the beguining I was skeptical, but after no time I’ve started to see and feel the benefits. All the horses are looking well, they are maintaining a top condition through the year and they are all feeling good and with enough energy without getting silly. I cannot recommend this feeding regime enough!

It is the most natural way, it is easy for the staff to understand, it is cost effective, and the horses loves it and they are performing well. “

Please feel free to contact Andrea on 07809485821 or by email:  for any questions about what he feed his horses.

Torn Border


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